We know that every user in Windows has a password hint. This password hint is stored in the SAM hive, more specifically in the SAM\Domains\Account\Users path. Is there a way to extract this password hint of a user with volatility if we have a memory dump of that computer?

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The "UserPasswordHint" key on Windows 8 (and Windows 7) is stored in the following location:


But the HINT was encrypted. There is a way to dump values from registry strings. Using hivedump then pass the offset of the hive and the path using volatility

To Decrypt the values here is the sample code:

def decode_windows_hint(e_string)
    d_string = ""
    e_string.scan(/..../).each do |chunk|
        bytes = chunk.scan(/../)
        d_string += (bytes[1] + bytes[0]).to_s.hex.chr

Adding Windows User Password Hint Decoding to Hashdump Tools #706

  • Can this also be applied to windows 10?
    – bd55
    Commented Oct 22, 2022 at 12:36

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