Have the latest nightly build of kismet running on both the master (LXC container) and a drone (running on a Raspberry PI 4 using the 64bit version of Raspberry PI OS)

The drone server is using a mix of Atheros and RTL8812au wifi adaptors

Seeing some strange behaviour from one of the Android devices in my network.

In the list of probed SSIDs, I'm seeing SSIDs that I know I've never connected to on there showing up in the list of probes when my device rejoins the network. Strings like "^z,lvTUlZt~gG/YAjZ)%9K`;}"

This isn't occurring for any other devices.

Could someone shed some light? Thinking it may just be a hardware issue with one of the capture devices.

Have posted this as an issue in the Kismet github project, but wanted to check if people here have seen this before.


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