I am trying to create a CSR from MMC on one of our servers. I have previously submitted a lot of requests without any issues by going to MMC.

Certificate folder > Select "Personal" > Right Click > All Tasks > Advanced Operations > Create Custom Request

However, when I do it this time, suddenly it throws this error:

The request contains no certificate template information

enter image description here

It does not provide any further information. I am not sure what has happened here since it does not give any other info to use. One thing I suspect is that there could have been a windows update since I last used these machines to produce the certs. But is there any idea on how can I use these old cert to create a new CSR by bypassing this error?

  • This does not seem like a question about infosec but more about an O/S. For example, your user account might not have the right permissions. Have you tried searching on ServerFault?
    – John Wu
    Sep 24, 2022 at 8:15


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