Someone has a hidden smartphone and are using the internet in a 3G connection.

Can I

  • find where is he? Maybe using a signal detector.
  • find who is he? Maybe know the MAC number.
  • just find if someone is using 3G in that place?

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There are hardware devices available that will detect a 3G signal. Pulling the MAC address or such involves intercepting the traffic, which has legal implications, so consult a lawyer, and be prepared for them to yell at you for even thinking of intercepting phone calls without a warrant.

There are also devices that can jam a 3G signal. Again, there may be legal implications.

Lastly, as so often is the case in InfoSec, be careful not to get too hung up on technological solutions. This is also a human issue. Have you made it clear, in your policy, your employment contracts, and in your employee communications that using a 3G device will result in immediate termination?

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