I am performing penetration testing on a web application. Let's say the site as "https://example.com"

There is a comment field , where a user can add data and it will be shown in the same page.

So I was trying multiple payloads all of them are filtered properly.

But this particular string produced something different in the page.

This is the string I entered : test

When I save this comment, it is being shown as hyperlink for the word "test" , the resulting hyperlink is this : https://example.com/normal.

If you observe, the text given in the square brackets is becoming the hyperlink by appending the text given in the normal brackets.

When we click on it , it is redirecting to the above URL (which is not a vulnerability)

When I inspected the element , it is shown like this

<a class="de-i" href="normal">test</a>

I have tried to exploit by giving javascript:alert(document.cookie) in the normal brackets but those are getting appended to the URL but not getting executed.

Are you aware of any bypasses and any reason why that pattern is rendered as a hyperlink.

Appreciate your inputs


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