When I use the Hikvision CVE 2021 36260 exploit in Metasploit, it comes up with a strange, almost never-seen-before error Command shell session x is not valid and will be closed. There is no other error message.

Options upon execution (payload is default cmd/unix/bind_busybox_telnetd):

RHOSTS: Target IP   
RPORT: 81     
SRVHOST: Local (VPN) IP    
SRVPORT: 81    
SSL: false    

TARGETURI: /       

LOGIN_CMD: whoami      
LPORT: 81        
RHOST: (Target IP)

When I use a different port such as 4444, I get no error message and it just displays 'exploit completed, but no session was created.

I'm running msf6 on a virtual machine with the network bridged (as if it is its own computer and not disguising it to the host machine's IP). Also worth mentioning I'm using a VPN too. Any ideas?

  • Does your VPN allow for incoming sessions? This is not looking like a security question or a metasploit question, but most likely a networking question. Does your target meet the requirements for that payload? I think you need to work out the network troubleshooting steps to confirm what works and what doesn't.
    – schroeder
    Dec 26, 2022 at 21:55


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