I am trying to realize which is the best option to have somewhere installed vulnerable virtual machines and run them whenever you want for Pentest training or other cloudtesting purposes.

Maybe this is something like the TryHackMe platform or the HackTheBox platform.

In addition, for Linux machines, I do not need any licenses but for Windows machines, I guess I have to pay for normal licenses.

As far as I know, so far, I have the following options:

  • Instal machines on the local computer (for example using VMware or VirtualBox)
  • Install machines on Docker container locally
  • Install machines on Cloud (like in GCP)

I know the cloud option is best for training purposes as everyone can access them by using a VPN client. But if you want to test a tool locally maybe is better the two first options.

Should I take into consideration something else for choosing the best option from the above three or do I have other options as well?

What can I do with the Windows licenses?

  • We have had many different versions of this question over the years: google.com/… But as for licenses, that's not a security question.
    – schroeder
    Jan 26 at 9:00