I am trying to analyze the .vmem file from HoneyNet challenge 3: Banking Troubles (HoneyNet) using volatility3. But I can't seem to get past this error:

PS C:\Users\<user>\Desktop\HoneyNet\volatility3> python vol.py -f C:\Users\<user>\Desktop\HoneyNet\Bob.vmem -vv windows.pslist.PsList
Volatility 3 Framework 2.0.0
INFO     volatility3.cli: Volatility plugins path: ['C:\\Users\\<user>\\Desktop\\HoneyNet\\volatility3\\volatility3\\plugins', 'C:\\Users\\<user>\\Desktop\\HoneyNet\\volatility3\\volatility3\\framework\\plugins']
INFO     volatility3.cli: Volatility symbols path: ['C:\\Users\\<user>\\Desktop\\HoneyNet\\volatility3\\volatility3\\symbols', 'C:\\Users\\<user>\\Desktop\\HoneyNet\\volatility3\\volatility3\\framework\\symbols']
INFO     volatility3.framework.automagic: Detected a windows category plugin
INFO     volatility3.framework.automagic: Running automagic: ConstructionMagic
INFO     volatility3.framework.automagic: Running automagic: LayerStacker
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.automagic.windows: Detecting Self-referential pointer for recent windows
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.automagic.windows: Older windows fixed location self-referential pointers
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.automagic.windows: DtbSelfRefPae test succeeded at 0x319000
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.automagic.windows: DTB was found at: 0x319000
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.automagic.stacker: Stacked layers: ['IntelLayer', 'FileLayer']
INFO     volatility3.framework.automagic: Running automagic: WinSwapLayers
INFO     volatility3.framework.automagic: Running automagic: KernelPDBScanner
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.automagic.pdbscan: Kernel base determination - searching layer module list structure
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.automagic.pdbscan: Setting kernel_virtual_offset to 0x804d7000
DEBUG    volatility3.framework.symbols.windows.pdbutil: Using symbol library: ntkrnlpa.pdb\BD8F451F3E754ED8A34B50560CEB08E3-1
INFO     volatility3.framework.automagic: Running automagic: KernelModule
WARNING  volatility3.framework.plugins: Automagic exception occurred: ValueError: Symbol type not in symbol_table_name1 SymbolTable: _ETHREAD

Unsatisfied requirement plugins.PsList.kernel: Windows kernel
Unable to validate the plugin requirements: ['plugins.PsList.kernel']

I have already downloaded and updated the windows symbol table, from here.

The .vmem file is downloaded from github.

Can anyone give me any sort of clue on how to proceed or anything new I could try?

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For some reason, re-replacing the symbols at volatility3/symbols solved my issue.

Downloaded the symbols file from the above link, extracted it, copied and pasted the resultant windows folder at volatility3/symbols.

Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this issue for some reason.

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