I have n .drmz files which I can read with Javelin PDF Reader. Obviously to access the content I need a password, which I have, the same for each file.

In case I don't have the password is there a way to find it via John The Ripper or HashCat? If yes how I can calculate the hash?

On this example guide .drmz is not listed so I suppose is not possible, but probably I'm missing something. Right?

  • n stands for number of files

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No. When encryption schemes are not supported by {HashCat, JTR}, people typically write a tool that identifies the scheme in use by the format and extracts the raw key, which can then be attacked.[1] Unfortunately no such tool exists for DRMZ files. You may be able to write one yourself, but you'd have to reverse engineer the DRMZ format to some degree first.

[1]: For example pdf2john

  • It is possible to convert to .pdf permanently a .drmz file for which the password instead is already known?
    – Biggab
    Mar 9, 2023 at 18:41

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