I'd like to test cryptographic implementations in FPGA against power analysis. Not being all that handy with hardware and such, I'm looking for an easy solution. What I've come across thus far:

  1. ChipWhisper (https://www.newae.com/chipwhisperer). Pros: Don't need a scope, don't need to tap power supply myself, don't need to design my own control setup, some support/examples available, various targets, ability to more easily study fault injection (clock/voltage). Cons: buying into an ecosystem, perhaps not versatile enough.
  2. SASEBO/SAKURA (https://satoh.cs.uec.ac.jp/SAKURA/hardware.html). Pros: Don't need to tap power, combines control/target into one board, used a lot in academic literature. Cons: Need a scope, not currently available, doesn't look like it's been updated or supported recently?
  3. FOBOS (https://cryptography.gmu.edu/fobos/). Pros: People smarter than me set this up, hopefully not to hard to get going, might get help if I ask, might be able to modify for other hardware. Cons: Need to acquire relevant hardware (specific control/target/scope), might have to modify hardware to get power measurements.

Anybody have suggestions or references for a "gentle" introduction or easy setup?

  • Welcome to the community. I'm afraid we can't give product recommendations here, only "general" advice in this case... Mar 18 at 10:29


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