Are there any industry recommendations with regards to allowing users access to quarantined emails in Office 365? Should users be notified of quarantined emails. Should they be allowed to request the release of quarantined emails? I ask because my company believes that users should not have visibility to these emails. We have had 2 situations now where a very important customer of ours had emails put into quarantine due to a false positive. And since nobody was notified they emails went unanswered and we almost lost a customer. I am looking for industry standards with regard to quarantine emails.

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There is no standard for this. This is entirely a risk assessment by the business. Is the risk of lost emails less than the risk of malicious emails being processed by users?

I agree that preventing people from managing their own emails is restrictive, but that just means that the quarantine needs to be reviewed quite frequently in order to release legitimate emails.

So, in this case, it seems that they put in a restrictive policy without the compensating support for good email flow.

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