I have a networking routing problem which I am unable to find a solution for:

I have a first machine, (Windows), which is linked to subnet To access this subnet, I first compromised and then used the post/multi/manage/autoroute metasploit module in combination with auxiliary/server/socks5 and proxychains binary. Using this method, I was able successfully access the subnet from my kali machine.

However, the problem arises when I discover that (Windows), is linked to another subnet, There's a machine in the that I want to compromise, (Windows). To do so, I have a valid local administrator username and password.

Assuming I want to use a tool that I can only run from my kali machine ( like impacket-psexec or something like that, how I could I manage to access (Windows) from my kali machine ( Would the metasploit autoroute module do the work or I would need to set up some port forwarding rules?

Kali ( --- ---

Additional information about the machines: I have a high-integrity meterpreter session on it. I have a high-integrity meterpreter session on it. It has ports 135, 139, 445, 3389 and 5985 opened.


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