In order to keep all my secret in the same place, I would like to store my GPG private key in KeePassXC, under the "Notes" field.

Provided that the db file has very good password, is this safe?

Os this field encrypted?

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The entire database is encrypted including the notes. The security of both the program and the file format is analysed indepth in KeePassXC Application Security Review by Zaur Molotnikov. From the summary:

KeePassXC provides sufficient cryptographic protection (confidentiality, integrity and authenticity) to the confidential information the user is storing in the database, given that the user selects a strong authentication method, e.g. a strong passphrase and a confidential random key file, and that the user will use KeePassXC with its latest secure file format.


Alternatively you can attach your private key file under Advanced/Attachments.

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