I have an Android application distributed to my users through an .apk file. That app collects some data, and my goal is to upload that data to a cloud service, like BigQuery. To achieve this, I am using my BigQuery's service account credentials, and at this moment, they are hardcoded into my code. I thought about encrypting them, but the encryption/decryption keys would be stored in the app anyways.

I am a Junior developer and I've done some extensive research on this, but couldn't find any solutions. It feels like every option has room for hackers to steal my credentials.

Is there a solid way to deal with this? Is using service accounts the best approach here? Which solutions can I search for?

I'd already be very happy if anyone would at least point me in some direction, give me a topic to search, or anything.

Thanks in advance!


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Fire up a server on any VPS which will be a gateway between your users and your database back-end.

Trying to hide credentials in the app cannot and won't work.

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