I am doing CTF 'Skynet' from THM and came across this problem. Enumerating SMB, I gathered credentials 'milesdyson' and a list of passwords 'log1.txt'. I figured that I could try to brute force squirrelMail login form using Hydra. This is the POST request by Burpsuite.enter image description here

According to this video, I could use the following syntax: <url>:<form parameters>:<condition string> [:<optional> [:<optional>]] to perform a brute force attempt through Hydra. It also explained that the last part(condition string) regards a trigger to indicate success or failure in my request.

I saw that the server response to my request is "Unknown user or password incorrect."

Could I add the word "incorrect" as the condition, or is the whole sentence "Unknown user or password incorrect." better?

This is my attempt:

hydra -l milesdyson -P /root/log1.txt  http-post-form://"login_username=^USER^&secretkey=^PASS^":"incorrect" -F -I -V

What I noticed is that by executing the same command, I get different solutions each time (the correct solution is cyborg007haloterminator which is seen sometimes, but not always). Why is hydra concluding that these other passwords with terminator in them are correct? If I try any of them, I get the "Unknown user or password incorrect." message.

enter image description here

  • Here's another test: log in 16 times with wrong passwords. Does the message change?
    – schroeder
    Mar 15 at 12:31
  • @schroeder I have tried login 16 times and message does not change Mar 20 at 19:35


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