I have been trying to create PMKs using airolib-ng with a password list generated by crunch and an ESSID text file. Here's the process I followed:

  • Created a password list file using crunch and saved it as pass_list.txt.
  • Created a database and imported the password list into it usingairolib-ng pass-db --import passwd pass_list.txt

Created a text file containing my ESSID with the following command:

echo “A” > essid

Imported the ESSID text file into the database using the following command:

airolib-ng pass-db --import essid essid

Tried to create the PMKs using the following command:

airolib-ng pass-db --batch

However, the command only prompts "PMKs processed" without actually generating the PMKs. I am unsure why this is happening and what I can do to resolve this issue. Has anyone encountered this problem before?


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