We've recently migrated from Okta to Google for work for AWS authentication.

Our amazon org authentication is setup through IAM Identity center. It was working flawlessly using Okta but since we migrated to Google auth, we are only able to login through the Identity Center direct link ( https://d-936-----d1.awsapps.com/start )

The tile Google created in the application workspace always fail to authenticate the user :

Goolge workspace tile

Ends up on this page :


As shown on this picture, the error timestamp is 06:33 UTC (GMT), I checked the SAML data, the conditions should be met as it contains the following :

<saml2:Conditions NotBefore="2024-04-26T06:28:45.173Z"

There is not a single trace of this login attempt in Cloud Trail, therefore I'm a bit lost regarding this issue...

Thanks for any help

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    Welcome to the community. So you've got no logs except for the XML posted here?.. Commented Apr 26 at 15:56


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