So, I was hosting my website on fastapi, and then I saw this 2 requests on my server. random malicious requests I found that there was link, that was linking to file named "shk" on random ip adresses. I tried to download this on my VM and I got this:

enter image description here.

Does someone know what is going on? I think some people trying to infect servers with their backdoor or smth else viruses. If you know anything about that, please comment this.

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This is an attempt to exploit CVE-2023-1389, which is a vulnerability in the web interface of some routers. For details about these exploits see for example Active Exploitation Attempts (CVE-2023-1389) Against TP-Link Archer Gigabit Internet Routers.

I was hosting my website on fastapi, ...

You can ignore this as (to you) harmless internet noise, since your web site is (very likely) not affected by this security issue.

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