After the reports of the SMS spoofing security issue Apple released a statement claiming that the iMessage system was 'secure' and should be used to prevent text spoofing. I have received several harassing SMS spoof text messages recently and yesterday I actually received one of the harassing messages via iMessage from a phone number with area code matching my area.

So, is it possible that they sent a spoof text over the iMessage system or was this particular message sent from a legitimate number and iPhone user?

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    This question distills to "Are there any known number spoofing exploits against iMessage that Apple are unaware or in denial of?".
    – Ladadadada
    Apr 11, 2013 at 18:20

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It would "show up" in your iMessage but as an sms. So the background color would be green/alternative/grey to what it is normally when going through apples servers.

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