Does anyone know how the AppEngine sandbox is implemented? I heard they use a SecurityManager with Java but surely they are using another layer as well like LXC. I've looked at the whitelist and there are a lot of classes that:

  • commonly used in exploit chains because they have security flaws that Oracle refuse to fix (ScriptEngine)
  • had numerous security problems recently and still quite a big unknown (java.lang.invoke.*)
  • had security issues recently and in the past (java.util.concurrent.*, javax.xml.transform.Templates)

I'm interested in running stuff on appengine but if they are only using the SecurityManager then I think they have a huge problem with security.


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I think it might help with the last part of your question if I point out that the main point of AppEngine security in Python was protecting THEM, not US. I previously read a paper that did have quite a few specifics. At one point, someone specifically said the AppEngine security modifications were to keep customers' scripts from damaging Google's host systems. Stopping malice in general in customer-submitted applications or protecting customer applications from hacker attacks was still an open, unsolved problem.

I'd expect they have the same goals and limitations in the Java runtime.

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