For the purposes of my own research, I have a very modest budget to set up a modest WPA2 brute-forcer supported by GPU(s).

I've done some homework:

But I am still left with some questions on how to proceed.

  • Is Pyrit a good WPA2 auditor tool? The current Backtrack 5 R3 distribution has it installed by default, which suggests so, however, the last activity was in 2011. If not, what alternatives do you suggest?
  • If not, what other tool(s) should I investigate?
  • Does anyone have any examples of some successful configurations that worked for this, and without a lot of headaches?

The question is not intended to invite argument or open-ended discussion. I am looking for some field-tested solutions that actually work, before investing into the hardware.


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Pyrit is probably a good WPA2 audit tool, though I've yet to try it. Relying on a few tools that make specific assumptions about hardware, and buying fast, expensive hardware like GPUs may not be the best solution. If planning a dictionary attack, the disk I/O over gigabytes of data may be the bottleneck.

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