I am currently in progress in a MS in Computer Engineering program. I am looking around for thesis topics related to security (my specialization is in distributed computing). I've been given some ideas by my adviser such as the impact of security on a business, but I find this a bit boring.

I'm currently enrolled in an application security course and I'm finding the content rather interesting. What are somethings I could look at in this area?

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    Do not vote to close this question. We can call agree that secureity.se is not here to help someone pass graduate school, however the intersection of security and distributed systems is an interesting realm. I"m sure Mayank Sharma can agree with this.
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Security + Distributed Systems narrows down the attack pattern significantly. I can only think of one condition in which these two domain come into play... money.

What if finical transactions where backed with an eventually consistent database? Maybe it would net thieves around $1 million USD. Non-relational databases are all the rage, but what if you where to pick Cassandra instead of HBASE as a database for finical transactions?

Out of Availability, Consistency and partition tolerance, you can only pick two: enter image description here

In the realm of finance, availability is key. DoS attacks mean a loss to a company's quality profit. This attack literary denies a finical institution the ability to consume. Consistency is also vital, without this, thieves are able to able to exploit a race condition...

but is that the final verdict?

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