I am looking for ways to Authenticate on a mobile device.

The mobile application is connecting to a WCF Service which in turn connects to a Database. Before the application retrieves any information from the WCF Service I will need it to authenticate against a different server which would use AD Records to confirm the access.

I have found the following MSDN and a previous SO Question but these are both outdated.

If anyone has a more up to date source of information or is able to provide some I would be more then grateful.

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This looks like more of a web-programming question than security question, but my answer is that you would do it similarly to any other authentication request, namely with a username and password as part of the initial web request. You could follow this link on c# mobile authentication, specifically in the context of RESTful services (the answer seems to give starting points for multiple methods though, one of which should be suitable for your application) as a start.

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