In Google Chrome, I can go to chrome://extensions/ and click "permissions" to view the permissions that an installed extension has been granted. I cannot find an equivalent in Firefox. Is there such a resource? In Firefox, about:permissions has per-site permissions, which is a great resource but I need per-extension permissions. (Firefox version = 23.0.1)

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Read this document. Relevant excerpt (page 3):

The Firefox platform has no mechanisms to restrict the privileges of add-ons. The add-on code is fully trusted by Firefox. The installation of malicious add-ons can result in full system compromise. There is no security measure to restrict the intercommunication between add-ons. As a result an add-on can alter or modify another add-on in the background. There is no security policy or sandboxing ability of XPConnect and XPCOM components which is a serious flaw in the security model. Firefox does not have any type of restrictions on malformed Cross Origin Resource Sharing and socket creation. Some exploitable vulnerabilities are platform independent.

So there is no way to show per add-on permissions because there are no permissions to show. In the Firefox security model, each add-on is roughly equivalent to a piece of native code, which can, by definition, do whatever it wants. This is similar to the situation with signed Java applets.


As of Firefox Quantum (v. 57+), there is an add-on, Project Insight, to show the permissions of other add-ons (and itself).

Project Insight display

Note that it only displays active add-ons, so at least temporarily, enable all.

  • Of two suggested FF extensions only the second one - Permission Inspector - seems to be working correctly. Project Insight doesn't report permissions correctly. To see that it's enough to compare what is stated on Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker extension page and what Project Insight reports: missing is information about rather important permission "Access your data for all websites".
    – witrak
    Feb 20, 2019 at 12:21

Permission Inspector add-on displays the permissions granted, including those for disabled add-ons. It also displays all extensions having a particlular permission.

By extension

By permission

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