I would like to implement OSSEC as HIDS on my server, but by default OSSIC monitors a number of folders. I am going to deploy a web application on my server. So what should be my default OSSEC configuration for web application security i.e. folders,logs to monitor for intrusion detection?

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You might want to include folders which contains your application. Should an attacker be able to exploit your server chances are they will write a file to your web root.

  • are you suggesting to monitor /var/www/html and my application is store in /usr/local? So should I store that too? Another things how to detect if those file are robots or also some scaneer
    – biz14
    Nov 19, 2013 at 4:05

For intrusion detection you will definitely want to monitor your access.log and error.log files for this web app. I would look out for:

  1. Unusually high traffic. Figure out what a normal amount of traffic is based on your access.log and set a monitor to alert you if you suddenly get a much greater amount (e.g. 10 times more requests) that could indicate either a DoS attack or server probing.

  2. A large amount of POST requests. This usually indicates a SQL injection attack.

  3. Many lines in your error.log file. Again this probably indicates server probing (or something misconfigured).

Others please feel free to add/edit.

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