When I do a google search, there's a lot of stuff in the URL for the results page:



What is all this stuff, and do I care if someone else sees it when I share a link to this page with them?


If you want to know that, Read Google websearch parameters and The Ultimate Guide to the Google Search Parameters. The google search query structure is broken down into chunks and has detailed information about their purpose.

You will get to know what for the parameters in your search queries are. If you understand the purpose of each parameters, then it is as easy as the back of your hand to get the answer of your question.


The following are some of the decoding of Google's search query syntax.

Basic Search URL:


Advanced Search URI

as_q=test (query string)
&hl=en (language)
&num=10 (number of results [10,20,30,50,100])
&as_epq= (complete phrase)
&as_oq= (at least one)
&as_eq= (excluding)
&lr= (language results. [lang_countrycode])
&as_ft=i (filetype include or exclude. [i,e])
&as_filetype= (filetype extension)
&as_qdr=all (date [all,M3,m6,y])
&as_nlo= (number range, low)
&as_nhi= (number range, high)
&as_occt=any (terms occur [any,title,body,url,links])
&as_dt=i (restrict by domain [i,e])
&as_sitesearch= (restrict by [site])
&as_rights= (usage rights [cc_publicdomain,cc_attribute,cc_sharealike,cc_noncommercial,cc_nonderived]
&safe=images (safesearch [safe=on,images=off])
&as_rq= (similar pages)
&as_lq= (pages that link)
&gl=us (2-digit country code in lowercase)

There are still a lot more available since there is various types of search queries are there such ad image search, etc., Please go through the links i have suggested above and also i have some new resource for you that has a detailed information.

Thanks to @Polynomial for pointing out to summarize the contents from the links.

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    Please include a summary of the relevant content from those links in your answer. Almost the entire benefit of your post is currently limited to those links, and if they ever go dead (which they will) then your answer becomes useless. – Polynomial Dec 5 '13 at 18:56
  • @Polynomial Thank you very much for pointing that out. Added the content. – Ebenezar John Paul Dec 6 '13 at 6:07
  • You still haven't explained the parameters listed in the question. Could you edit your answer and add the missing bits? – Rob W Dec 6 '13 at 9:02
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  • → Ebenazar: I suggest to change your 2 this links name for something which will survive them. In case of death of these, a Google search ☺ might help to find documents which survived on the same key question. – dan Dec 7 '13 at 10:36

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