With their permission, I am selling a company laptop that I used, but I had been using iTunes and syncing my iPhone on that PC. Is it possible for a forensic tech to retrieve any of the browsing history of safari through the stored back ups of my iPhone? And retrieving any emails or messages I have sent out? I had the computer reformatted, but I want to take extra precautions.

I am somewhat wary of leaking any kind of corporate secrets or personal information. Too much money at stake here that can cost me my career. Thanks.


Reformatting is not sufficient, you need to securely wipe the disk. Reformatting is like ripping the cover off a book; it's not pretty but all the info is still there.

DBAN is a popular free tool for wiping hard drives. If the drive is SSD, you need other tools.

Companies that care will usually not release systems with disks; they'll destroy the disk and whoever buys the laptop/desktop will have to buy a new disk to put in it. When you look at the overall cost of a system, disk is pretty cheap.

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If you're being really paranoid and you want peace of mind, it's probably best to just remove the disk from the laptop and replace it with a new one (as gowenfawr wrote: they're pretty cheap), or with a wiped disk that never contained any sensitive information. Then sell that, and keep your old disk, or destroy it.

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