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I want to download and upload to the internet anonymously. I have successfully configured Forefox to access internet through a secure SSH tunnel service (and remote server). I use 'SSH Tunnel Manager' app to do this (like PuTty for Windows).I also access the Tor network using the Tor Browser Bundle. But I can't figure out how to essentially chain the two together so that Firefox -> SSH server -> Tor -> web and then return back to Firefox. Since I'm only interested in anonymizing web/browser traffic I could use Privoxy (or FreeCap) to socksify SSH Tunnel Manager and maybe integrate a download manager into this mix. I've tried a number of different configurations but have not been successful. What am I missing? I can use 'Terminal' to do a command line configuration. Or preferably an explanation of how to configure Firefox, Tor Browser and SSH Tunnel Manager to allow this traffic route.

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If you want "Firefox -> SSH server -> Tor -> web", you need to start a SOCKS5 proxy through your SSH server, and then tell Tor to connect through that. How to do that is described here.

SSH connections aren't very stable long term, however. A far more reliable approach involves running Whonix connecting through a VPN on the host machine.

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