A few weeks ago I've changed the password on my old laptop, I forgot the password as I wasn't using it often. Now I need to recover the password because I used it to encrypt some important documents. I've extracted the hashes of the laptop using Ubuntu, I wanted to crack them with hashcat but I'm not sure what type of hashes they are, there are two hashes for each user. I've read that windows 7 uses NTLM v2 but there's 2 hashes, so I got confused.


So could anybody tell me what type of hashes they are and how to crack them ? the laptop runs windows 7 professional.



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You could try John the Ripper. Alternatively if you are willing to pay cash money there is a service which will do this for you for a fee:

Only do this if it is your password or at the request of the owner. Remember that logging on to a computer without proper authority is a crime in most jurisdictions.

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