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Do non-keyboard characters make my password less susceptible to brute forcing?

Bruteforce tries cracking the hash with every possible combination of letters.

Then, If I'll use an special Unicode char, as ♥ or ¿, will it increase my security?

I'm talking about NTLM passwords.


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In the sense you are increasing the entropy of your password, making it harder to perform bruteforce attacks against.

I am from a country where we use non-english letters. This allowed me to use characters not common used in a charset by a brute-force applications, but I effectivly locked myself out of my webmail when I used a computer without my regional keyboard settings.


Googling NTLM + unicode shows that there is support for unicode as NTLM password.

  • i google that but i guess if you add one other phrase the googling is better that just NTLM + unicode Dec 9, 2012 at 12:30

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