I understand that if you specify multiple contents then the rule triggers only if ALL the content conditions are satisfied.

But I want to create a rule that will trigger even if any one of the content keywords are detected. Note that it has to be in a single rule. Perhaps something like this:

alert tcp any any -> any 21 (msg: "FTP traffic"; content: "USER" OR content: "PASS"; sid: 666;)

What I am trying to achieve is a rule that block only FTP traffic on port 21 but allows other traffic. So I figured I could just list all FTP raw commands in the content. Note that it has to be a SINGLE rule.

Thank you


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This concept will do the trick for you.

alert tcp any any -> any 21 (msg:"FTP traffic"; pcre:"/USER|PASS/i"; sid:666; rev:1;)

This is a case-insensitive (/i) Perl Compatible Regular Expression (pcre) match for USER or (|) PASS.

If you want add additional commands then simply tack them on to the end of the regex like...


To my knowledge having an OR operator for content matches is not possible. Instead make two rules (which you indicated you don't want to do).

  1. Looks for USER
  2. Looks for PASS

I have seen many people indicate that using PCRE in Snort is expensive and should be avoided. Supposing it's used effectively I don't think there's a huge issue but have never captured performance metrics since I rarely have used PCRE for rule matching myself. If you do use the above PCRE rule than strongly consider beefing it up with content and flow. How it's currently written Snort will inspect every packet that matches the header (tcp any any -> any 21)!


Without more details of where you are/where you're trying to get to/what you have available you should also check out the FTP preprocessor to see if it can help achieve your overall goal.


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