Do you know what does RHSA, RHEA and RHBA stands for in RedHat Errata ?

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Red Hat categorise advisory notices as relating to Security, Enhancement, and Bug-Fix.


RHEA = Red Hat Enhancement Advisory, these can ONLY contain enhancement fixes (e.g. new features).

RHBA = Red Hat Bug Advisory, these contain bug fixes, and can optionally also contain enhancements, essentially bugs outrank enhancements for reporting purposes.

RHSA = Red Hat Security Advisory, these contain security fixes, and can optionally also contain bugs and/or enhancements, essentially security issues outrank bugs/enhancements for reporting purposes.

The identifying "name" of an RHEA/RHBA/RHSA is the advisory type, the year, identifying number (simply sequential starting at 1) and a version (in case they ever get an update), e.g. "RHSA-2015:2594-1".


I've added an authoritative knowledge base article "Explanation of RHSA, RHBA, and RHEA advisories" that answers:

  • What are RHSA, RHBA, and RHEA advisories?
  • What happens if an RHEA or an RHBA is found to have fixed a security flaw?
  • How does advisory numbering work?

It's available to the public at: https://access.redhat.com/articles/2130961

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RHSA = RedHat Security Announcement

RHEA = RedHat Enhancement Announcement

RHBA = RedHat Bug-fix Announcement

I think.

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