X509 certificates used in PKI{X} have notBefore and notAfter dates. I'd like to stamp a certificate with a creation stamp, and the stamp is distinct from notBefore and notAfter.

Is there an OID for a creation date/time?

I looked through X.520 and did not see a similar OID. The description OID is already being used in this particular PKI.


Nothing that is recognized and interpreted by TLS clients -- the reason being such a field is entirely irrelevant. There's no action to take based on what such a field would contain, so nothing would have a reason to even read it.

But if you want to record that information for your own bookkeeping, then just embed the information somewhere where it won't break anything. The nsComment field is a good example. Or you could create your own OID. There's no harm in that as long as you don't re-use someone else's prefix.

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