I'm looking for an online training lab for pentesting/hacking and security.

I've found one at hacking-lab but it's seems troublesome to work with and it has some issues on VPN server authentication.

Someone knows about something similar?

Or something like Hackademic RTB1 and RTB2?

I wish for more resources to learn with.

thx in advance.

  • Thx all. Well My Q is marked as off-topic. It's a difficult world for the newbie!! :). I'm just searching for what I've to learn in the cyber-security world.
    – Raffaello
    Apr 1, 2014 at 5:45

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There are a few different kind of labs available. There are ones you can construct yourself in VM's such as Vulnhub and they have a lot of links to good resources there. Another site i can recommend with good resources is Pentesterlab, i tend to steer clear of the online sites such as hackme so can't give much as to online but hope these help.


https://microcorruption.com/ is a very interesting hack challenge. Try googling for "hack challenge", there's plenty of other websites around.

If you want to do your own stuff (e.g. set up a vulnerable host or machine) you can either use a VM (free windows VMs available from microsoft at http://modern.ie) or get a free EC2 instance from amazon.


Also search for "wargames" if you want to learn how to exploit vulnerabilities. Here is an example: http://smashthestack.org


As you have stated that you need some online labs for Penetration Testing and learning Hacking.Here is a really exhaustive list of vulnerable VMs, Web Apps etc.You can use these VM's and easily learn the Penetration Testing.


But as these list is too exhaustive ,i would advice you to go with OWASP BWA. https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Broken_Web_Applications_Project It Contain's almost the most updated Vulnerable WebApps

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