As the title says, does anybody know how Subterfuge bypasses the SSL layer?

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Subterfuge is a Man-In-The-Middle tool kit that allows you to intercept communication on a LAN. Generally this is done by ARP Poisoning, tricking the client into thinking your IP is the destination. From there the attacker could steal credentials, inject malicious code, or change data.

The tool does incorporate sslstrip, which is a tool that replaces all https:// instances in a website with http://. This would bypass SSL from the client to the attacker, and then relay the data to the destination server via SSL.

Client ->[plaintext]-> MITM ->[SSL]-> Destination

This only works if the original webpage was using http:// and then linked to https:// either via a hyperlink or a form. If the client tries to make a direct connection to the server using SSL (i.e: from bookmark), then you would not be able to force them into plaintext.

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