I'm pen-testing a Windows 7 machine, and have access to a limited remote shell.

I can see there's a vulnerable SMB service running on the machine's loopback, but it's not available externally.

Is there any way I can run a metasploit exploit over the session I already have, to access this service?


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Yes you can. type in metasploit use post/windows/manage/autoroute then set SESSION 1 (1 is the session that you have meterpreter on) SET subnet 192.xxx.xxx.0 (your pen-test subnet) type run check if it works with route print.This makes the traffic goes internally .

If all it's ok, you can use your session of "Victim 1" to send commands internally to "Victim 2" the packets would be like this: You > Victim 1 > Victim 2

Remember to set LHOST in next exploit to be your Victim 1 Address.

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