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What are the career paths in the computer security field?

I've been called a "jack of all trades" guy, who has been working in health care and finance for about seven years. Most of my positions, including my current one of 3-4 years, has had a strong concentration in security.

I've been trying to find a niche to fit in professionally, and think that I am at a great disadvantage without one (specifically in NYC where I live and work). Now I've heard the stigma of "no 'hacker' gets certs..." but I am curious, is this the best way to solidify my access to the security niche? If so, should I aim for CCSP, CISSP (for which I can be sponsored to meet the requirements)?

I have experience, but I just don't think that's enough to actually secure a security engineer position (in the long run). I also don't think a certification is a magic bullet, but I gotta start somewhere. Does anyone have any other suggestions that could change the path of the rest of my life?



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