I am writing a web app that connects to external web services. The external web services serve an intermediate certificate signed by Thawte SGC CA - G2.

When I setup IIS to run the web app using service account on a separate corporate domain (let's say, DEV\service_account), the application fails to validate the certificate because it doesn't trust the CA. However, when I use my own account, there is no such problem.

A look into the machine and my account certificate stores shows that Thawte SGC CA - G2 isn't in any of Personal, Intermediate or Trusted Root CA stores.

How then, does my account decide that the certificate can be trusted?


Turns out that the intermediate certificate (Thawte SGC CA - G2) needs to be downloaded off of Thawte's site. And the reason why the service account couldn't establish the trust is because it's not allowed to download the certificate.

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