I received a message recently on a droid phone that appeared to have originated from an Iphone in my contact list. I was able to look at the Iphone from which the message appeared to have originated and it showed the exact same message as having been sent from that Iphone. But I don't think the message actually originated on that Iphone. Is it possible to spoof a message so that the message appears on both the droid phone as a received message and on the Iphone as a sent message simultaneously?

  • Anything is theoretically possible. What makes you think it wasn't sent from the iPhone, though? Even if it was malware that had infected the iPhone and sent it from the iPhone? – Kitsune May 11 '14 at 13:33

The Iphone did indeed send the message, because the Iphone is saying "I sent the message". This is impossible to do remotely unless Iphones have a serious flaw (Very unlikely). However, it is possible that the Iphone is actually compromised by a backdoor, malware, etc. In any case, the Iphone was involved.

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