I have the following scienarion:

a vulnerable program running in a server and can be accessed using netcat

I have a copy of that program locally and I can exploit it locally using ROP:

./vuln garbage + &system() + &exit() + &"/bin/sh"

now I want to exploit it remotely so technically I would be executing this command:

echo -e "garbage + &system() + &exit() + &/bin/sh" | nc host port

My problem is: I do not know what is &system() on the remote machine. Is there any way to get it without brute force ie: trying all memory address from 0x00000000 -> 0xFFFFFFFF

ps: &exit() is negligible but good-to-have


According to this reddit post. The following ways can be followed to obtain system() address on a remote machine for later return 2 libc exploitation.

  1. No ASLR: Find out their version of libc/msvcrt. It should (Windows makes no guarantees, Linux shared libraries don't either) be loaded at the same address every time. Find address of system, use it.
  2. Partial-ASLR (no PIE): The original binary will be loaded in the same place every time (again no guarantees on Windows). Find entry of libc/msvcrt function in the GOT/IAT, use that address.

  3. Full-ASLR: You need an information leak.

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