My current situation is:

Site 2 can connect to site 1 via VPN. I'm on site 3. IT at site 1 doesn't allow creating a new VPN to site 1.

I'm thinking of using a Remote Desktop via VPN from site 3 to site 2, and the remote PC (in site 2) will connect to site 1.

My questions are:

  1. Is this possible?
  2. What kind of configuration do I need to setup in site 1 and site 2?

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Yes, it is possible - although you may find that the connection is slower than a direct connection.

As for the configuration - it really depends on what systems you're running. Windows? Linux? OSX?

Essentially, configure Site 2 to allow VPN connections from Site 3 (and only Site 3).

It may be worth checking with IT as to why they don't allow VPN connections from anywhere else. You don't want to get in trouble :-)

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