I am currently reading "Metasploit: The Penetration Tester's Guide" and I came across the following paragraph in the book (in the 1st chapter)

During intelligence gathering, you attempt to identify what protection mechanisms are in place at the target by slowly starting to probe its systems. For example, an organization will often only allow traffic on a certain subset of ports on externally facing devices, and if you query the organization on any- thing other than a whitelisted port, you will be blocked. It is generally a good idea to test this blocking behavior by initially probing from an expendable IP address that you are willing to have blocked or detected. The same holds true when you’re testing web applications, where, after a certain threshold, the web application firewalls will block you from making further requests.

I can imagine doing this using the Tor network or may be a proxy (or may be a bot network, provided you have one :-P ) but honestly, I am not aware of any tools by which I could scan a web app, and if I get blocked, I could generate a new IP and do the scan again. Are there any tools/methods which let me do so. Please pardon my lack of knowledge, it really feels like a foolish question but I don't know if such tools/methods exist.


I have read the book, and I also have a good example of a web app blocking traffic from certain IPs ..

You can spoof your source IP address the way you want but you won't get any response because once the forged TCP/UDP packet reaches your target (assuming it makes it through firewalls) the reply will be sent to that FORGED IP address and it will never reach you.

You will have better results using TOR as you mentioned!

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