Several clarifying questions:

  • Is it possible to disable the SSH encryption using options at the OpenSSH server/client or some appropriate hack?
  • Is it possible to do this at the time of the transmission, of course with full control over the server?
  • Are there known servers/clients (except OpenSSH), which allow you to do this?
  • Are there any plugins for this software or patches for their code?

Per RFC4253, both the client and server would have to accept none as a cipher type in order to establish a plaintext connection. OpenSSH (and probably most SSH implementations) refuses to accept none as part of the Cipher configuration, so you would not be able to do this with OpenSSH without recompiling both the client and server to accept none

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As long as your client/server support it, the standard foresees this possibility by using none as the cipher (source).

That would have to be setup prior to stabilishing the connection.

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