How could someone change the root password without changing chage -l root Last password change date? I know it was changed because it does not match the value in Keepass. I noticed when I tried to use su from a non-root account. My private key still worked. I updated many packages too if that matters (I had to restart sshd because it was not letting me in). OS is CentOS 6.5, on AWS EC2.

  • I'm not sure about how this can be done but your machine might be compromised. – user42178 Jul 6 '14 at 10:59

Assuming your system is using regular simple unix authentication, there's at least one way of changing a password assuming you have root access.

You can do this by simply editing the /etc/shadow file and pasting in a new password hash in place of the old one. This does not influence "chage -l" output as the change is done outside tools, so no other data (modification date etc) is modified.

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