Rule-4: alert udp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET 3333 (msg:"ET EXPLOIT Wireshark ENTTEC DMX Data Processing Code Execution Attempt 1";

content:"|45 53 44 44|";


content:"|04|"; distance:2; within:1; content:"|FE FF|";

distance:0; within:50; content:"|FE FF|"; distance:0; within:50; content:"|FE|"; byte_test:1,>,11,0,relative; classtype:attempted-user; reference:url,www.exploitdb. com/exploits/15898/; reference:bid,45634; sid:2012154; rev:2;)

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The rule appears to look for a specific pattern of content bytes in traffic sent to port 3333/UDP.

The goal appears to be to detect an attempt to exploit a vulnerability in Wireshark, where parsing specific traffic causes a buffer overflow on the machine parsing the traffic. The exploit-db link in the rule shows the details of the exploit for this issue.

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