What is the difference between virtual machine and virtual desktop?

KOMODO Internet Security, for example, offers virtual desktop, and there's a stealth program there.

If software sends the same identifier, hostname, tracking cookie or similar does VM or VD prevent the leaks?

  1. A virtual machine is an operating system installed on a virtualization software such as VirtualBox and VMware Player. It emulates the existing hardware of the host machine on which it runs. This means a software running on a virtual machine will "think" it is running on a "normal" computer resources. You can do on it all what you do on a usual computer with a running computer system. It is used for testing applications, emulating networks and even testing applications for the presence of malware as SpyProxy is functionning.
  2. COMODO and other virtual desktops are a typical cases of a virtual machine. For example, if you run a browser on a virtual desktop, you won't have any cookies saved unlike it on a virtual machine. However, it is more intended to browse the internet against web malware attacks.
  3. While they are both virtualization concepts (a computer inside a computer), a virtual desktop runs only ONE virtual machine, whereas you can install and run several virtual machines on a virtualization system such as VirtualBox.
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