What are the requirements for studying CEH?

Is there any requirements for the programming background? And can anyone apply for it or does he has to have a recommendation for both studying and taking the test.

  • I would argue that all you need is a sound knowledge of how systems work: OS's, TCP/IP (and maybe a couple of protocols), and, of course, people. People are nearly always the weakest link.
    – KnightOfNi
    Aug 27, 2014 at 1:07

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I have the CEH certification.

First, please read the official FAQ.

The CEH is pretty basic and covers pre-made tools for hacking and penetration testing, which means that you could pass the exam without a lot of pre-knowledge of anything. That said, you will have a much easier time (and you would be a much more effective CEH) if you did understand the basics of TCP, DNS, and operating systems.

Info Security is a wide area of study and you will never stop learning. Start somewhere and keep pushing in areas that interest you.


Requirements: Good Knowledge of TCP-IP and the basic knowledge of operating systems, which Windows and Linux. For programming you must know the basic concepts. I recommend you the use of Linux's terminal for learn commands and apply the theory that you have studied. You can found many documents on these arguments.

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