I try docker with a simple webapp :

docker run -d -v $(pwd):/app -p 8080:80 image_name

I have docker listen on 8080:

tcp6 0 0 :::8080 :::*
LISTEN 13304/docker

So I can test my web app through localhost:8080

I use iptables with UFW and I deny incoming except: 80, 443 and 22

But surprisingly, if I do a netcat from the Internet to my machine on port 8080 I can have access to my web app !!

Docker must do something special because if I start socat like this :

socat TCP6-LISTEN:8080 TCP4:www.google.fr:80

I see :

tcp6 0 0 :::8080 :::*
LISTEN 11577/socat

But this time I can't connect from the outside ... UFW do the his job ...


Docker was just added his own iptables rules before UFW rules see https://docs.docker.com/articles/networking/ for details.

to avoid the pb I put


in my /etc/default/docker. so I bind only to localhost and it's not reachable from the outside.


Binding to localhost breaks internal routing for me. I use


to fix this problem.

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