I am looking for a mobile device, preferably a smartphone or a tablet, that contains a TPM (v1.2 or 2.0) and provides application access to it through an API. Does anyone know if any such devices exist?


I think the only devices that have this are intel laptops-turned-tables. The only example that come to my mind are Surface Pro range. The Surface pro 1 and 2 have a TPM v1.2, and the Surface Pro 3 has a TPM v3.

I don't know of any ARM powered device which has a TPM (although I think there's work in progress on this). In ARM, there's also a security feature called TrustZone, it might be good if you check that, as it might provide enough features to do whatever you need. For what I know this solution includes a security module called SecurCore where all the sensitive operations are performed.

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  • Thanks for you answer, HocusPocus. I'm aware of TrustZone. Do you know if ARM smartphones today have TrustZone enabled? – user1094206 Sep 16 '14 at 12:47
  • I'm not really into mobiles, but the module is inside the Cortex cores mobile use... Also doing a quick check it looks like some Samsung mobiles and a few other vendors already use this feature. – HocusPocus Sep 16 '14 at 12:50

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