This article in GoDaddy support knowledge base says

All of our SSL certificates support high-grade 256-bit encryption

How would they not support it?

The SSL certificate contains keys for asymmetric encryption and is there to

  1. prove that the server is exactly what it claims and
  2. allow the server and the client choose the same symmetric encryption key which is then used for the rest of the connection

It looks like nothing prevents the client and the server from negotiating some MagicAES with 10240-bit key (or 90th level DES with 4096-bit key) and use it for the life of the connection.

How would the SSL certificate internals limit the symmetric key length?


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It is, to put it bluntly, a steaming pile of bullshit.

The SSL certificate has no bearing on which SSL or TLS cipher suites are negotiated. The two parts of the protocol are separate.

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